MONDAY MENTAL PROTEIN: Your Inner Game of Success

Its 2014 and you are committed to creating your best year yet. Today I want to share with you the “Inner Game of Success” to help fast track your achievement. All success starts with your thinking.  Sun Tzu of The Art of War, said “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought”,  “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’, “thoughts are things” etc. all speak of the power of the inner game.  Did you know its been established through studies and research that up to 85% of all your success will depend on your attitude and only 15% on aptitude. Winners in business, sport and in every other conceivable discipline will agree unanimously. So what is this “Inner Game of Success”?

To succeed there are 4 areas of mastery required to win the “Inner Game of Success”.  The first is that of how you feel about yourself.  This includes your self worth, how much you should earn, how much success you deserve etc.  This is encapsulated in your Self esteem.

The second area of self mastery is Self-image or how you see yourself.  Who you think you are.  Beliefs about ones self, true or false are rooted deeply in how you see yourself.  Often self limiting beliefs hinder our progress and we find ourselves, self sabotaging.

The third area is that of Self discipline.  The reason leading CEO’s, sports stars, rock stars etc. are highly successful and highly paid is because they do the things that unsuccessful people wont do.  They themselves may not want to do them but they understand the price of success.  Rising early, investing in their knowledge and skills, working hard and having ever increasingly higher standards of delivery.  We really do have a choice to make here.  Jim Rohn said it so appropriately “We must all suffer one of two things:  the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment”.

Lastly Self Confidence relates to how self-assured you are in your personal judgment, ability, skills and outcomes.  Those who have massive self confidence can tell you how much they will earn in commission based selling within the dollar by year end.  Self confidence once mastered will take you to your promised land of success.

Do not miss the follow up blog which will include the tips, tools and systems you can apply in mastering Your Inner Game of Success.

Your coach and partner in success,

Vinesh Maharaj