MONDAY MENTAL PROTEIN: Your Inner Game of Success – Mastering the Tools

So its day 7 of possibly the best year of your life and if you read “MONDAY MENTAL PROTEIN: Your Inner Game of Success” and you really want to make this the best year of your life yet, then its time to master some of the tools and tips I want to share with you.  Here are some of the greatest ideas for your mastery:

To work on your Self-esteem or how you feel about yourself: 

  • Set meaningful goals that inspire you

  • Hold in your mind a clear vision of your goal accomplishment

  • Apply the law of association – hangout with people who inspire your greatness and achievement
  • Write, learn and repeat your favorite affirmations daily to fuel you 
  • Take massive action.  Be insanely productive 
  • Manage your time well
  • Constantly invest in yourself – (learn to earn)
  • Stop to celebrate your victories along the way
  • Never stop believing in yourself

This process will result in some initial gains which will lead to bigger victories, thus increasing your feelings of self esteem.  Stick with it even when it seems impossible.  Remember, “If its to be, it is up to me”.  “Winners never quit and quitters never win”!

Self-image or how you see yourself :

  • Get out of YOUR own way.  You are the only person holding you back from your glory
  • Establish WHO you want to BE
  • Behold in your minds eye the person you want to become
  • Model the person you want to become – traits, attributes etc.
  • Start seeing yourself as competent, successful and unstoppable
  • Learn new self talk – affirmations like, “I’m the best”, “I can do it” etc.
  • Write 300 powerful reasons why you should develop this new self image of success
  • Develop massive awareness to ensure your self image is consistent with your goals

Not discounting the other modes, our world is largely made of images.  As masters of our thoughts we can choose the mental imagery which either support or sabotage our success.  Decide to make better choices today.

Self discipline is probably the achilles heel in most peoples ambition.  Here are some ideas to help you.

  • Reduce or stop the distractions – Yes, this includes all the social media unless you earn a living from it.  They are time thieves that often add little or no value. 
  • Establish a well planned routine that challenges your greatness
  • Take big goals and reduce them into small tasks – bite size chunks, one at at a time
  • Commit to working harder and smarter than anyone else you know
  • DTW – Do the work, swallow the slug now and party later…
  • When procrastination bites, bite back with energy and enthusiasm…DTW
  • Become the most responsible and accountable person you know
  • Do what unsuccessful people wont do

Remember, you can either live in the shadow of someone else’s greatness or bask in your own glory.  By mastering Self discipline your success is inevitable.

Your Self Confidence is really the sum total of all the above.  When your Self esteem, Self image and Self discipline are aligned, Self Confidence builds.  After you have enjoyed success and you understand the success formula, everything you touch turns to gold.

The keys to all success is consistency and frequency. Ask any body builder how many reps he does daily?  Ask a professional golfer how many balls she puts in a single practice?  Ask any professional pitcher how many balls he pitches at practice? 

Master these and live your best life…

Your coach and partner in success,

Vinesh Maharaj

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