There are undisputedly several ingredients in the recipe of success.  Without this key ingredient, the best of plans and intentions will not succeed.  Even the best of camera’s is useless without this one critical factor; FOCUS!!!   

Wikipedia defines FOCUS as follows:  “Focus (cognitive process), selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things”

 In this age of constant distraction; media, social media, entertainment etc. focus is often lacking in the best of success plans.  Most people are too distracted to focus on anything else and when their goals are not achieved, frustration sets in. Today I want to share with you the art of applying massive focus on your goals!

A great man once said “Learn from the experts.  You don’t have the time to re-invent the wheel”  There are so many experts around us today to learn from.  Here is one I often refer to, Tiger Woods who said it so appropriately:  “My main focus is on my game.”  Tiger’s focus sure shows in his results doesn’t it?  He is after all the worlds number one golfer and probably one of the greatest golfers of all time.  Is he spending countless hours on social media satisfying his curiosity and satisfying his whimsical mind?  Of course not!  Is he procrastinating with lesser value activities?  Of course not!  He is drilling, rehearsing and practicing on the course and off the course with MASSIVE FOCUS!!!

Most people believe they are highly focused yet when you analyze their time spent on wasteful or unimportant activities, the truth soon surfaces.  The Art of focusing is within your reach if you really want it.  Here are some ideas you can apply today in the pursuit of your goals:

  1. Have crystal clarity of purpose. Why, Who, What, When etc.
  2. Take 100% responsibility
  3. BELIEVE – you can
  4. Keep your eyes on the goal – you cant shoot a target you cant see.  Engage your targets, keep them in “sight”
  5. See only the “Bulls Eye” – FOCUS your lens
  6. Concentrate all your energies (thoughts, sounds, mind, intelligence, words etc.) on only the task at hand; your target and nothing else – Fine focus, tune in
  7. Don’t get distracted by the “noises” from the outside – tune out the noise
  8. Become pedantic – Stay with it, take action until achieved…successfully – The stillness pervades
  9. BANG!!! – Mission accomplished
  10. Commit to improving your focus daily – Become the most focused person you know

The selective focusing “on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things” alone will enhance if not skyrocket  your results.  You could double your income, make more sales or achieve much more than you have in the past by mastering your focus.   Here are some tools you can use to practice this skill:

  1. Fire in the belly – You must be inspired daily to succeed
  2. Start a “To do list”
  3. Break down tasks into bite sizes
  4. Complete and tick them off sequentially
  5. Celebrate minor victories
  6. Make your “To do list”a habit
  7. Intensify your efforts, get more done quicker
  8. Be relentless, never quit

Master these and live your best life…

Your coach and partner in success,

Vinesh Maharaj

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