MONDAY MENTAL PROTEIN: Why Sales People Fail to Sizzle

Sizzling Hot SalesI’m sure you know of, experienced or worked with Sales people who like everyone else is a bundle of Sales potential.  Sales potential?  The ability to sell.  They sell their way into jobs, relationships, out of difficult situations and so forth.  Yet in the work place, they straddle the mediocre lane of performance.  They cruise through average, staying within the comfort zone at all times.  Sometimes just short of target and at other times just over target but yet they never smash the ball out of the park, never experience the highs of superior Sales Success even with all the heat on them to perform.

Here is how to overcome Sales Mediocrity and be Sizzling Hot:

  1. Take the decision to raise your game.  Do you really enjoy being mediocre?  Not first, nor last…just average?  Decide and commit today to raise your game if you want to grow into a Sales super star.
  2. Invest in yourself.  Sadly, too many Sales people want to wing it, chance it and hope for the best.  You can tell when you are dealing with a Sales professional.  There are innumerable tell tale signs (they have sales knowledge.  They speak and ooze Sales confidence.  They use better words, ask better questions, build better relationships and create far superior results.)  The best, invest.  They invest in Sales books, DVD’s, Sales Training and are always as sharp as a razors edge.  Sales professionals, never stop learning for they know a moment asleep in the mediocre lane, could mean the difference between a massive success and dismally average performance.
  3. Benchmark Personal Targets.  Sales professionals are always chasing their personal best, like athletes do.  They are committed to creating better results, continually.  They are like snipers, they have clear focus on the target.  All activities serve the target and believe that all targets are attainable.
  4. Get Busy.  The most successful Sale professionals are always busy.  They call and see more customers, do more presentations, ask for more business and get more results.  They know that superior results come from superior activity.
  5. Work hard, Play Harder.  After all the victorious results, Sales professionals are usually off celebrating on holiday with their families and friends on either a tropical coast, an ancient cobble stone city or the bustling cities that promise many exciting adventures.  Sales professionals play hard, enjoying the fruit of their Sales.


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