MONDAY MENTAL PROTEIN: Outsell The Competition

Question-MarkSales people create jobs and make economies happen.  Average sales people get by, while professional Sales people earn the big bucks.  The reason they outsell the competition is simple, they have one priceless skill.  They ask, ask, ask, ask and ask for the business again and again.

The Art of Asking is a skill when refined, becomes subtle, non invasive, but lethal.  Too many Sales people go through the Sales process, get in front of the customer and rant on about their product and how it can change the world, make you a millionaire, save you tons etc. etc. etc…They then sit back and wait for the for the customer to BUY, sign an order, request delivery etc.  What really happens is that customers thank you for your time and walk you back to your car and you leave, empty handed, poorer in time and money.  Sounds familiar?

Sales professionals are always using strategic questioning techniques to get customer buy in.  They ask well crafted questions, leading the customer down the green garden path of yes, yes, yes and yes some more until the customer finally says YES!!! And BUYS! A seasoned, trained professional knows how to eliminate sales objections by asking the right questions early on while walking the customer down the sales path.  Improve the quality of your questions and earn the big bucks.

The next time you reflect on your Sales performance ask yourself…are you truly committed to outselling the competition?  To bring the quality questions to your team, invite me to present “SALES POWER”.  SALES POWER is a customizable Sales Training program to re-invigour your Sales team to close 2015 high.  Commit to world class and contact me today.


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