stranger-dangerWhile every Sales professional is committed to creating incredible results, true sustainability is based onHOW.  One of the most common reasons for qualified customers not buying from you is not a lack of cash, need, or urgency but rather a lack of relationship.

Customers are people, the last time I checked.  Wether they are from LinkedIn, Microsoft or Google, they too are run by people.  These people, make buying decisions all day long.  They (like the rest of us) have an intrinsic need to connect with other people.  These connections or relationships…convert into orders (sales).  People do buy from people they “connect” with or “like and trust”.

Simply put, have you ever hired someone you didn’t like or trust?  Would you give a contract to a supplier you didn’t trust?  You wouldn’t buy your wedding jewelry from a jeweler you didn’t like, would you?  Of course you wouldn’t.  For two simple reasons.

ONE:  You do not “LIKE” them,

TWO:  You have no “TRUST” in them.

While hit and run, shot gun sales people chase sales, true Sales professionals spend much more time building relationships to achieve LIKE-ABILITY and TRUST-WORTHINESS to overcome your parents well intentioned “Do NOT trust strangers”“DO NOT talk to strangers” and “DON’T trust anyone” etc.  To overcome the years of parental conditioning, Sales professionals work hard at relationship building.  Remember TRUST is  foundational to all relationships, upon which business can now be conducted when earned. Once the relationship is cemented you are almost certain to have a loyal customer through the ups and downs.  (assuming all other things remain the same…like and trust being at the forefront thereof).

So as you go about your business today, master this; stop to make that relationship building call, drop an email to check in and say “Hi, I was thinking of you this weekend as South Africa beat Wales.  What a victory” (Of course assuming your customer is a big Rugby/Springbok fan) or swing by if you were in the area unannounced.  Be a pleasant surprise.  “All the other sales people I saw today wanted to sell me.  Thank you for coming to see me.  By the way I have an order for you…”

Sincerity outperforms any acting or pretending, insincerity is smelt upfront, so don’t think you can pull one over your customer.  “Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me”.  You can’t buy sincerity but you can build relationships on common needs, interests, wants, shared values, mutual hopes, ambitions and aspirations.  Go on, get to know your customers better, establish meaningful connections and build high trust relationships.  Your customers will learn to like and trust you all the more and you will convert far more sales than the shot gun slinging sales scalper who enjoys fast results thats unsustainable.

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