Dumb People, Smart Phones

It’s a crappy title, I know. Yet I feel compelled to share it. This is not an IT or telecommunications blog. Rather it’s a communications lesson for anyone in business and all human beings regardless of your age, occupation or experience.

Smart Phone Vinesh Maharaj

Too many dumb people have smart phones. Having a smart phone doesn’t make you smart. However, using a smart phone, SMARTLY can make you rich. That is, if you know how to use it. I’m not talking E-mail, Facebook, Google, Apps etc. I am talking about calling, getting either appointments and or getting sales through the phone. We incorrectly deem calling a telemarketing or telesales function. That mind set, is sure to keep you poor.


Since the printing press, perhaps the greatest tool ever created by Alexander Graham Bell, used to communicate is the telephone. Used exclusively to communicate with an exclusive outcome in mind. If you are in business you have just one outcome in mind. Sadly, neither school, nor university teaches or trains you how to use the telephone, yet it is a heartbeat away from untold riches. Perhaps that’s why you are kept out on the dirty little secret. Only the rich, savvy professionals making the top dollars, know how to use the phone and they have been trained, mentored and practiced making it second nature.

Sales call

Everywhere I go, business owners complain of a lack of business. Whether in real estate, financial services, dry cleaners and even florists are complaining its quiet. When I ask, how many calls are you making to prospective customers, they look at me as if I am from Mars. I hear a hundred excuses for their failure but never any good reasons. Fore mostly most people are afraid of the phone because they suffer fear! They fear rejection. Others, fear people themselves. Some, fear the phone itself. Yet they may have many phones for entertainment but never for wealth creation. I must be from Mars right now, but many like me, use our smart phones to find new customers, close new deals, make more money and stay true to their business goals at all costs.

Smart Phone Dumb Brain ART

So there you have it, be smart, use the smart phone, like a smartie and sell your way sales success.

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