MONDAY MENTAL PROTEIN: BE AWESOME. Kick average in the teeth and aim for the moon…

The first month of the year is history. Many were happy to see the back of 2015 and are excited about a new year with new prospects and possibilities. Many celebrated success and achievement in 2015 meeting their goals and objectives; yet so many languish in middle class suburban mediocrity…the ever-miserable

What is average? Average means neither here, nor there. It means run of the mill. It means somewhere in the middle…neither here nor there. Average at school or university means, you’re not first, nor are you last, somewhere in the middle…again. In earnings it means you aren’t rich, nor are you poor. In age, it means you aren’t old, or young. Like a no mans land. It’s like sitting at a border post between countries. It’s like splitting your vote at elections 50% left and 50% right. Does average, start feeling and tasting distasteful to you? It’s undefined, limiting and frustrating.

If not, just imagine catching the latest average movie, written, produced and directed by the most average. Where after, you catch an average dinner, at an average restaurant prepared by an average chef. The drinks were average, as were the starters and don’t hold your breath…with your average date. How do you expect the night to end? Boombastic, fireworks, mind-blowing tantric yoga?

If you want 2016 to be “The Year”, much has to change. First and fore-mostly your commitment to burning “average, nice, okay and acceptable”. These are the new “fats, sugar, salt and gluten” that you need to eradicate from your thought and speak. Go on a mental health diet that rejects these from your mind, your standards and expectations. As soon as you perceive them, know its time to change, change something. As American motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar used to say be “Better than Good”. It’s time to embrace a new reality where you, are the star of your show. Where the lights are brighter, your sound track is crystal clear, where the colours pop and words spoken are songs, where the walking is dancing and there is energy and passion in all that you do. No matter how you feel, regardless of the weather or the economy, for those should never own your state of focused, intentional commitment to living your life large and in charge.

Now contrast that with a thrilling movie written, produced, directed by a team of visionary movie makers who challenge the boundaries and take you on an exhilarating journey, along with your breathtakingly beautiful date, an exceptional meal under candle light by a renowned, much sought after chef at a premier restaurant, where the ambiance is only enhanced by the tastes, sights and sounds you consume. The night air is crisp and clear, the stars are dancing in the moonlight and you feel like a teenager in love once again…

If you want to live, then now is the time. New years are nothing more than you getting older and one year closer to the end. Or, new years could signal the new you. Committed. Passionate. All in…Kick average in the teeth and aim for the moon. Should you fail, best you land among the stars. How bad can that be. Take back your life and kick average in the teeth.

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