7 Habits Of The World’s Highest Paid Rainmakers

Rainmaker by Vinesh MaharajThe world has many unsung rainmakers, men and women who make it rain daily.  They sell planes, trains and automobiles. They move world economies. They sell IT solutions, homes, industrial development parks, they are network marketers, they are sports professionals, CEO’s and entrepreneurs who move tons of products and services and bank serious amounts of cash.  They drive company direction and results.  They create and innovate.  They see opportunity where everyone else sees problems and they cash in on it.

Rain makers do whatever it takes to succeed. They start early and finish late. They network and dine with other A – Listers in pursuit of the holy grail. Here are some insights into the habits of super successful rainmakers:

1. Result driven – Rainmakers kill it. They aren’t willing to surrender. They push, shove, grind and produce at ever increasing frequencies to hit “bulls eye”.  They create and deliver results.

2. They own their think – Rain makers are not engaged in small talk, negativity or goal distractions. They choose their thoughts, thought inputs and associates to control what they think, hear, talk or experience.  Its almost like being in a tunnel that goes straight to the target exclusively.  They have laser like focus.

3.  Decisive – Rain makers are decisive.  The decide…commit and act.  Once the decision is taken, they never look back.  They are forward thinking, movers and shakers.

4.  Play books – Rainmakers have many play books so they can ensure their result, whatever the scenario.  If the economy goes down, if the exchange rate goes up, if demand slows down, if demand increases etc.  They come armed with preparation.  They play to win.

5. They never eat alone – All actions, communications and resources are focused on ONE thing only…”the mark”. Breakfast, coffee, lunch and dinner are opportunities. They never eat alone. They dine with networks, prospects or customers.  They build relationships, unlock networks and close deals.

6. They work their work – Rainmakers, do whatever it takes to get it done, to close the deal. They are always learning, studying and skilling themselves to close in on opportunities before anyone else sees them.

7. BANK – Rainmakers bank serious cash in salaries, incentives, bonuses and commissions. They take all the money off the table. They are the top 20% of all industries.

How much do Rainmakers earn (2015):  

Bernard Fornas, Co-CEO, Richemont SA, R88 million +

Cristiano Ronaldo, Footballer, Real Madrid (Spain), £57 million +

Jennifer Lawrence, Actress, Hollywood, $52 million +

Lebron James, Basketball Pro, $71 million +

Charif Souki, CEO, Cheniere Energy, $142 million +

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