MONDAY MENTAL PROTEIN: Why You Aren’t Motivated

Why You Aren't Motivated by Vinesh Maharaj
We all want to be fabulously rich, have sleek, hunky bodies, enjoy traveling the world
and having tons of free time to spend with friends and family etc. We all have good intentions to get there but as we all know, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The irony is that you, already know what you need to do in order to achieve these and more for yourself but you are constantly trading time, money, effort and a whack of excuses and never get to it, because you lack the motivation to do so.
The dictionary defines motivation as “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way”, or “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something”. So most people either out of sheer laziness or procrastination just never rise to the occasion.
Here is why you lack motivation:
1. You’re lazy – Yes I said it. You’re lazy. The work is not worth the reward. The couch is more comfortable than the pavements of sweat and hard work. The pleasure (result) of the grind pales in comparison to the pain of sweat and work. The value proposition of doing the work (EFFORT/REWARD ratio) does not inspire you.
2. You’re a professional procrastinator – 80% of the world’s population are professional procrastinators. Later, tomorrow, when I’m not tired, when pigs learn to fly…It’s a lie you feed yourself. The truth is you aren’t wanting/willing or interested in doing it at all. It makes you feel better to say later, than to admit the truth.
3. You don’t know what to do – Because you’re doing something you haven’t done before…you are getting uncomfortable and don’t have the road map, the tour guide or the manual to execute on your goals. You then hang up on yourself until you feel ready.
4. You don’t have enough WHY – You don’t have enough reasons for your success. Stack them up, count them, feel them, work them. Why do you want it? What will it mean to you?
5. You are not obsessed with your goals – Your lack of obsession with your goals means you enjoy massive amounts of distraction. Your distractions keep you unfocused, inactive and underperforming. Target lost…again.
Want to break through? Heres how:
1. Commit to overcoming your laziness – Start with admission. At the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or GA (Gambling Anonymous) all work on this principle. Start with speaking your truth, it shall set you free.
2. Immerse yourself in ACTION – START! By getting deeply immersed in action, you kick the habit of procrastination. Activate the “DO IT NOW” muscle. The muscles always there. Just commit to getting started.
3. Get skilled/trained/coached – There are endless resources at your disposal to acquire the skills you need. Google returned these searching “find a coach” (About 172 000 000 results (0,53 seconds) ). There is a Youtube video for everything. “Seek and ye shall find”. There are really no excuses for not knowing, not in this information age. Get it done.
4. Find your WHY – List, Stack, Emotionalize your WHY. How would I feel if I achieved this goal? How would you celebrate the goal achievement? How many reasons can you list to drive your achievement. Are these “why’s” sincerely from your heart…do you feel them vibrating at your core…?
5. Get obsessed – Immersion, singular focus and obsession will ensure you are not distracted by the whims of others. TV, social media, chit-chat and meaningless activities will fail to distract you because obsession means, eating, drinking and sleeping your goals. An obsessed man will climb Everest regardless of the many life threatening conditions. HE’S OBSESSED.
What’s your Everest? What’s your plan to get there? Who is in your support staff? When will you summit? Get on with it, the time has never been better than right now. Carpe diem or die a slow and meaningless life. Get motivated man, lifes passing by…
Vinesh Maharaj is a professional public speaker who is obsessed about getting you and your team going to the next level of achievement. Let your next conference, team building or team meeting echo with resounding success, commitment and motivation to do whatever it takes.
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