Let’s talk truth…governments around the world are weak, economists forecasts for the world’s economy is bleak, employment numbers are up and many are cowering in fear, surrendering to the status quo, adopting the excuses of the media and the masses.MONDAY MENTAL PROTEIN by Vinesh Maharaj

Now let me flip the coin on you…governments are still collecting billions in taxes, economies (personal and business) are growing, companies are minting dollars and many are taking advantage and are rising above the dictates of mass hysteria and media gloom.

The old adage; “is the glass half full or half empty”.  Yes it’s all perspective.  How do you see it?  Is it a problem or do you see the opportunity?  You can hide behind excuses or you can rise to action.  Even in the world’s most depressed economies there are new millionaire and billionaire debutants.  How do you explain that?  Well, simply it means those people are dictating their own reality.  The refuse to subscribe to the opinions of others, for factually is the glass half empty or half full is really just an opinion, reflecting your reality.

You must ask, are you your own enemy, holding yourself back on the accounts of others…forcing their reality upon you?  Reality is a choice.  Winners are creating their own reality perpetually.  They see the way around, through, over and under the “problem”, for they see them as opportunities.  They are willing to do what others are not willing to do, because everyone else only sees the pain.  Winners only see the gain which they are willing to pay for with effort.

The next time you choose your reality ask yourself?  Am I a victim of my own reality?  Or am I championing my cause, from the front, creating a reality that serves my success?  Are you getting down and dirty where others want to keep their hands clean?  By making more calls, investing in your networks, growing your skills and pushing harder while others are retreating, you are are sure to dominate the future.  If you fall asleep at the wheel, surely you can’t win the race.  So wake up and get committed, creating a reality that sees you and your team mount the summit of success.

Stop being your own enemy.  Commit to never becoming a victim of your own dogma.  Rather champion your reality and make it happen.

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