Why You Must Stay Motivated by Vinesh Maharaj

It’s no secret the world is filled with negative people, sharing negativity…and frequently so.  From the half hourly news bulletins, to Twitter, Facebook and the nosy neighbours.   Everywhere, people are suffering the disease of negativity.  Some of them spew it forth fervently everywhere they go, be it at the wedding, the funeral, the coffee machine or the water cooler.  It’s like they have an auto-send function built into their brain, talking before thinking, performing mass dumps on your consciousness.

Beware of the negativity pukers.  They will take over your think, they will infect you with their disease as easily as the flu virus is spread through a cough or a sneeze.  It’s that easy.  The consequences for you, is that your vision, ambition and goals will be blurred by their many layers of negativity.  The have a problem for every solution.  They are intent on keeping you trapped in their bleak reality.

Here are five negativity pukers you must avoid:

  1. The quitter – Beware the quitting pessimist.  How much can you learn from a quitter?  Probably just the lesson to never quit.  Quitting activates the quitters muscles.  Quit once and you begin the road most travelled.  Beware the quitter…it may start a habit you will one day regret.  They will share every negative thing that happened to them and that you should avoid their peril.  Don’t lend your ears to a quitter.  He will keep you trapped as a spectator to your dream life.
  2. The media – We all want to be in the know.  To know what’s happening in the world…but then it gets all skew. Bad news outsells good news.  Repeated exposure to bad news creates a self fulfilling prophecy.  Economists forecast slow growth, the media drives the nails in the coffin and voila…growth is slow.  Guess what…If you went on a carrot only diet, guess what colour you will end up?  Yes you bet…orange.  Beware what you “consume”.
  3. The gossip monger – The gossip monger will infect you at every turn with their deadly venom of office doom and gloom, the economic meltdown, the cheating CEO, the system is rigged against them…and you…blah, blah, blah…run forest, run…get the heck out of there.  Yesterday won’t be fast enough.
  4.  The well meaning dream shrinkers – Don’t risk it.  It’s tough out there. Don’t take risks, is it worth it, why do you need more?  Just relax, settle down, take it easy… Beware…the well meaning dream shrinkers.  Why do you want more?  Isn’t it too risky?  …etc, etc, etc.  Sounds like your mom , dad or other family members who out of fear want to keep you “safe”.  The fear of failure has them so wound up they don’t want to see you get hurt.  They will shrink your dreams from mountains to mustard seeds.  Watch out for them.
  5. The haters – Haters, hate that others are getting ahead and they’re getting left behind.  They can’t offer you any value except bitter hatred and want to hold anyone and everyone behind, including you.  They will share every negative ideology about anything you pursue.  You want to go on holiday overseas…he will tell you to beware of the high rate of airplane fatalities,  he will tell you how dangerous the world is with suicide bombers, he will tell you how weak the rand is, how dangerous the locals are, how there may be a tsunami…haters hate, the sooner you identify them, the better.  Then avoid them like cancer.

The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of Self Motivation.  Learn how to grow and dominate your think, your attitudes and your beliefs.  Should you fail yourself, others will dominate you.  They will determine your worth, value and contribution, limiting you to their definition of you as opposed to your full potential.

You must motivate yourself, daily.  You must choose your thoughts, beliefs and associates that inspire, motivate and activate the best in you.  If they can’t uplift you, they will suppress you.  Substitute them with those that catalyze your potential, fertilising and igniting you…from a spark to a flame to an atomic success.  You owe it to yourself to stay motivated, for if not, you will watch your dreams wither, shrink, get ridiculed and tramped upon by the unsupportive negative masses.  You must stay motivated, for if you don’t, you will never likely succeed at anything except being average…the curse of our times.  You must stay motivated just to keep you focused on the goals and opportunities, not the distractions and the problems, for they are limitless.  To counter them, amp up your motivation and keep on, keeping on.

I challenge you to discover the bliss in motivation, to wake up amped every day.  To eliminate the negativity pukers and to own your think.  Then go to work like a madman on your goals.   “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” said Zig Ziglar.

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