SALES UNUSUAL – The Closers Guide

SALES UNUSUAL Pretoria by Vinesh Maharaj

If you are into business, entrepreneurship or sales, I know you’re in it, to win it. I know you want to crush it. I know you want to kill it. Off course I mean your Sales! I’m here to help you and your people close more sales and bank more money.

Sales Unusual – The Closers Guide, is South Africa’s premiere Sales Training Program presented by Vinesh Maharaj and is geared to get you motivated, giving you the think, the attitude and the attacking skills you need to close and succeed at Sales. Good bye survival! Hello success!!! Learn how to…build a pipeline, prospect like a pro, cold call like a killer and live like a banker…waking up to success, every day. Book now at, you have everything to gain.

Get Vinesh Maharaj’s SALES UNUSUAL KASH system on the 19th AUGUST 2016. Get new Sales…

K – Knowledge
A – Attitude
S – Skills
H – Habits

I want to see you there on the 19th August 2016. SALES UNUSUAL is The Closers Guide to more customers, sales, profits, commissions and incentives. Book now at This is a winners only program. I can’t wait to drop huge skills upon you to unleash upon your customers…Get ready for it!!!

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Vinesh Maharaj I Sales Trainer I Pretoria, South Africa

SALES Unusual Pretoria by Vinesh Maharaj