About Vinesh Maharaj


Vinesh Maharaj is a dynamic, energetic and entertaining professional public speaker, trainer and coach who assists businesses fulfill their potential in Sales, Motivation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Vinesh Maharaj will get your team thinking, talking, taking massive amounts of monster action  and succeeding.  He will leave you and your team energized and inspired.  Motivated and skilled.  Ready for success.

He is a passionate about your success and achievement.  He will disrupt your thinking, raise your skills and standards, and will help you and your sales team close more deals, more often.  His hands-on approach in Sales is successful across industries, working with your sales staff, managers and leadership in moving your team from mediocre to unstoppable.

His public Sales Training Programs yield much acclaim for the successes that small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve through it and is the flagship for business development.

Get the competitive advantage against your competitors; DOMINATE with Vinesh Maharaj at your next Conference, Training or Team Talk.

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